Hide document library shortcuts on homepage when users don't have rights

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Hi all!


For a customer, I'm looking to see if my request is possible within SharePoint (online). Recently I've created a new SharePoint site and created some document libraries where data can be stored and added the URL of this document libraries in the home page.


There are two document libraries in this sharepoint site that are accessible for every user in the company. However, there are also document libraries that where only certain users have edit or full control permission to.


The thing is, when a user is now surfing to this URL, all the shortcuts are visible for the user, even if the user does not have access to this library. They can see the document library, but when the click on the shortcut, it will give the user a screen with "no access" as is expected ofcourse.


Is there a way to hide the shortcuts of the document libraries that users do not have access to? So, only the shortcuts of the document libraries for which they have rights are shown in the home page?


Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks in advance!

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Use SharePoint default quick links web part on site page to show the document library shortcuts/URLs.


SharePoint quick links web part supports audience targeting using which you can hide the links based on selected audience target. Note, currently you can only use AD groups or Microsoft 365 groups to target audiences.


More information and detailed steps to apply audience targeting in SharePoint quick links web part at: Audience Targeting for Quick Links Web Part in SharePoint Online 

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@Kelly_Edinger and @ganeshsanap, thank you both!

Didn't knew that feature, and managed to make it work! Thank you very much!