Help! I need to increase the Attachment size limit in a SharePoint list

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Hi everyone,


I created a PowerApps to allow users to upload documents directly in a SharePoint list.

After all this hard work on the App, I just realised the file size limit for the Attachments in the SharePoint list is 10MB!

Do you know how I can increase the Attachment size limit please? I really need to do so as users files will often be above 10MB.


Thanks for your help :)



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AFAIK, there is no way you can control this :(
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Hi actually found a solution! (was pretty easy :))
The size limit was from PowerApps (SharePoint lists allow attachements up to 250MB by default).
I managed to increase the attachment size limit by going in PowerApps >> selecting the Attachment control >> Advanced settings >> SizeLimit is set to 10MB by default.
I changed the SizeLimit setting to 50MB which is the max for PowerApps at the moment.
But it's more than sufficient for what I am doing.


thanks! my issue exactly! however. I was able to set mine to 99MB. Tried 100MB but that was too high.
If I add attachments to my sharepoint list, will size of list grow and will it slow down my app on powerapp