Error Please try again later when adding ANY existing list or creating new list in ANY Teams channel

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I have multiple different lists added as tabs in different MS Teams standard channels and have had them working fine for a year. Company moved over to the new MS Teams a couple months ago and no problems.


A couple days ago I had to remove a List from a channel and now, I can't add it back. I keep getting  Error  Please try again later and the option to click a Refresh button.


I did a bunch of troubleshooting to see if it was just this list or just this channel. The most frustrating part is that it doesn't appear to just be this list or channel now. Anything I try to do with the Lists app in Teams (add exisiting list or create a new list) in any channel in any team I have I get that error. The oddest part is that I have a List in one of these channels and it's working fine but I tested to see if I can add that List to another channel in the same team or different team since it's already added and working fine in one channel, but still get the error.


Even if I try to add any exisiting list or create a new one to the channel I already have the working List in, still get the error. I've created new teams and standard channels to test this and still....the same error.


My organization uses Lists in Teams specifically to manage and track important employee information and communicate using our teams channels. I am at a loss here and can't seem to find a solution. I've done troubleshooting with MS Teams already, everything you can imagine, and this doesn't seem to be a MS Teams problem at this point. The error I keep getting is below:




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I'm facing the same problem too. Does anyone from Microsoft support monitor this forum?

Hi @kuekpeow! I've been checking everyday to see if the issue was resolved and on Tuesday when I tried to add a list to a Teams channel it miraculously worked! My IT department told me MS usually does updates on Tuesdays (not sure if that had anything to do with it). I'm wondering if you have checked yesterday or today and are still facing this problem?