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I am confronted with the issue that I have several documents on my SharePoint. Now when a document is being reviewed/updated we have to duplicate this document because the original one is still in use until the review is done and then published by the Supervisor. Then the new updated Version is the main Version. But we also Need the old versions of this document stored somewhere as well. So my Question is how do you guys handle this issue? I do not want to have too many documents on the SharePoint especially not duplicated ones as some Reviews take months.

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I have a suggestion but AFAIK, I might be mistaken...

Working with documents in SharePoint, you have versions and by default, the latest published version is visible for users with read-permissions. However, administrators and editors can work on drafts, that is pre-published content.

Imagine having a document in version 1.0, that version is visible for every user.
However, your editors have created a draft (1.1), that is only visible for editors. That is (under review/being updated). When the update is done, they can publish this document and everyone will be able to see the new, latest version (2.0).

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Thank you for your Reply. This is definitely a way to go. I am still hoping for more answers to see how other People solve this issue.


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