Direct Link to new News Post based on template in Communication Site

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In this scenario I created 5 "News Posts" templates. 

I want the user to be able to directly reach a certain template news post by linking it to a button on a page. 

The goal is to have the user bypass the  "New --> News Post --> Select template" route and seeing other menu items in context menu, such as spaces, pages and links to news posts.


When a new post is created, it temporarily assigns /sites/SiteName/SitePages/newpage.aspx?Mode=Edit&source=  link which then gets changed to a randomized number in place of 'newpage' and eventually receives the Post Title in the URL. 

None of the temporary links are re-usable so these are not options for me to link to directly.


I also noticed that Site Visitors cannot add pages or news posts if granted "edit" access to the site pages library. This means they must be Site Members which elevates their permissions to create lists, libraries and spaces in a site.




Has anyone found a solution for this? 


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