Classic document library upload problem with required field and check-in/out not enabled

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Document library check-in/out is being enforced by default even though it is not selected on the library.  In uploading a document to a document library opened in classic mode that has a required field and check-in/out is not enabled, the document gets uploaded and I am offered the properties to fill out that but I get stuck in this endless loop where I can't update the required field because system wants me to check-in but it won't check-in so the document stays checked out. 


Is this related to this change:


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It shouldn't be related to the message you posted, that is related to using Office Online and the New button. However, since it touches that mechanism it's possible that they broke something in the process :P, can you check the file in after the fact if you cancel the metadata window?

Yes, I can set the required field and check-in if I open the record after the fact.

What happens if you do the same in the modern UI? Curious also to know why you are using the classic UI

I am able to upload and tag my document just fine in Modern UI but a recent release has changed the Classic upload.  My document library does not have check-in/out turned on but the system is requiring a check-in without allowing me to fill in my required fields which makes the upload loop on check-in and remain incomplete.


I am personally excited about SPFx and the Modern UI but asking me why I am using classic when I am trying to get help for other people seems to lack an understanding of the full picture of what is going on for some installations. A lot of functionality out there does not work in the Modern UI so people will have to continue using what they have until their IT departments can transform the tools. 


If left this way, it’s a two-step process and people have to find their way back to the library afterwards open the record a second time, fill in the required fields, and check-in the file.   The required fields are there for a reason and if Classic UI is going to be allowed to exist, then regression testing will help to reduce impact on worker productivity.


This particular issue might only be seen right now on Targeted release tenants but I hope it will be remedied for us soon and before GA.