Cannot alter a SharePoint list record without reentering a specific required field

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When I try to alter a record in a SharePoint list, it throws an error saying that there is an error in another field, that a value must be specified.  The field with the error is always the same one ("Requestor IDIR"), and it is a required field, however, it is always already populated. Frustratingly, reentering the information is necessary before proceeding.

Entering information in "Path to additional layers"


Leads to the screen being panned to "Requestor IDIR", with a error specifying a value must be entered. However, there is already a value specified.



Troubleshooting steps:
1. Setting field as not required solves the problem, but we need the field to be required.
2. Creating a new list and seeing if the problem could be replicated. It can't.
3. Cycling the status from required to not required and back again doesn't help.

Additional info:

- These lists have recently been recreated in SharePoint Online, being migrated from SharePoint 2016.
- There are 3 affected lists with quite a bit of information that are integrated deeply into our processes that display this problem. The lists otherwise work very well.

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