Can a row in a List be deleted if the user selects a Choice item stating an issue is resolved?

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"Choice" is a data type in Microsoft List.  I understand that I can set things up such that, if a user picks a particularly determined item in the Choice, an event or process can be triggered.  How can I make it such that the user is given a warning saying that his choice will close and permanently delete the item after the approving manager is emailed?

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@wm-thompson If you just want to notify user based on column change, you can use Rules in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists.


If you need customized email for user and approval process for manager, you will have to build the Power automate flow.


Try this:

  1. Create a Power automate flow which will run "when list item is modified"
  2. Add condition inside the flow to check if choice column name is equal to Resolved/Completed - as per your choice value
  3. Send approval email/action to manager
  4. Send email to user using outlook send an email action

Make sure to add some checks (based on column values/column value changes, etc.) to avoid infinite running loop of flows as flows will run on any modification to the list items.

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