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I'm building a knowledge base using a SharePoint site. I'm looking for ways to style the site, ideally in bulk, so that I can change the appearance of all elements in the site at once. 


Because choosing all paragraphs manually to apply justify on them is a chore I'd like to avoid and I expect SharePoint to be a modern app that doesn't need such manual work. I'd like all the styling to appear on all pages of this particular site, but if we could do it for all our sites that we be even better! 


I've tried using the injectcss app, but this doesn't work for guests users.


Here below are two use cases of a bulk style editing. First case: titles and text. I'd like all title colors to be the same withtout manually changing it. For the text, I'd like all text to be justified and the same size and font. This worked internally by changing the p and h3 element with injectcss.


Second example is white text on white background in the title element. I could change it to blue with injectcss but for guests users they can't read the title. I know SharePoint allows us to put a shading but it lowers the image quality. 


I'm wondering if there's a way to style a SharePoint site or if another tool would be better suited to build a knowledge base. Would it be easier to build a dedicated website from scratch so that I can have control over the CSS, for example? 


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