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Hola, necesito dar formato a una columna lookup. Ese campo busca un pedido por su número; y en lugar de mostrarme ese numero como 1, 2, 3; me lo muestra como 1.0000000000000, 2.00000000000. Como puedo darle formato a ese campo???


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The only way I can duplicate that is if your lookup is selecting a calculated column that is formatted as a single line of test - is that right?  If you set the column to return as a number it won't be available in the lookup.


Edit your calculated column, and wrap the formula as text.


TEXT function (microsoft.com)


If it's not a calculated column, can you add screenshots of the column settings for both lists?  

@PamDeGraffenreid Muchisimas gracias por tu ayuda! Te comparto capturas. 

Ojalá me puedas ayudar!


@AntoSbar Ah, that is PowerApps!  The accepted solution here should help you.  Solved: Re: Calculated SharePoint column giving 13 decimal... - Power Platform Community (microsoft....