Automatically display photo credit in SharePoint communication site pages?

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This is a question that I'm pretty sure I know the answer (no), but wanted to check with the SharePoint community just to make sure. A key use-case/requirement for our photo assets (both internal and external facing) is to include a photo credit every time a photo is used (e.g. PowerPoint, SharePoint, public website, etc.). 


In the example of a SharePoint communication site, is it possible (out of the box) to have an image assets library with photo credit information stored somewhere (either as a column or consuming the image metadata with caption/credit) and then display that photo credit underneath the image everywhere it is used within a site page? I've seen a similar question here, How to auto read meta data from images - Microsoft Community Hub, but wanted to check if there are any changes since 2019. 

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@Bynum Hoekstra 


Not possible by default or automatically but you can add the caption manually for images. For example: Image web part in SharePoint site pages: 


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