Added canvas app to SharePoint page - and it's tiny!

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I've created a Canvas App - it's a copy of a full size App I've got working in another SharePoint page.


However when I add this to my SharePoint page it's tiny, the App will expand horizontally, but not vertically and it's pretty tiny on the screen.


How can I adjust this so it's full sized?




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@Lee-Martin this has always been a bit of a problem as the app will be sized to the section on the page  it is in. You can click it and use the grab handles in each corner to increase the size but only to certain extent.


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@RobElliott - that is not the issue as I can grab the handles and it still remains tiny, it will move a little horizontally but not vertically.

Also the original works as expected in the same place.

@Lee-Martin Are you adding it in single column section or multiple columns section? I am guessing single column selection only.


Not sure what is the issue with Microsoft default web part here but you can explore custom enhanced Power Apps web part developed using SPFx if you want (if it is allowed in your tenant). This web part shows how to embed a Power App that resizes, adapts to themes, and supports dynamic properties.


ReferenceEnhanced Power App 

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