add attachments button missing in "New Item" form of an SPO list

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Hopefully I get the right Forum for this...


In a sharepoint online list we have. If you goto the list and click the 'New' button. The "New Item" form appears and correctly has the Attachments field and the "add attachments" link. However, if you use the "Copy Link" to get the link to the new item form, then open a new browser tab and paste the link in, the "New Item" form appears full screen within this new tab but the Attachments field with the "add attachments" link is missing.

This happens with every list I've tried it with.

Is this working as intended, a setting I have that I'm not aware of, or a bug that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere?

I've added two attachments.
1) New-Item-From-List.png.  Shows the form when you click the "New" button when looking at the list.
2) New-Item-From-Link.png. Shows the form when you click the "Copy link" button (shown at the top of the 'new-item-from-list.png' attachment) and paste that into a new browser tab.


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@ShawnLander  I'm having the same issue here, before last week the "newform" from link was showing perfectly, but now it's missing as well. 

@vcalcenoni - I am seeing same behavior in all my SPO lists. In my case, users see 'Add Attachment' link as of Aug 3, 2021 and somehow today attachment link won't display if I copy link for new form and paste in another browser tab. I'm not sure if this is some short of glitch in SPO lists.

Please let me know if you find any solution.

I've had the same issue too - can confirm that this was working on the 27th July, but identified the issue on the 2nd August. Raised a support ticket with MS but no resolution as of yet. Can we get this looked at asap please?

I am also having the same trouble. It started in the last 24 hours.



Has there been any response to this. I am having the same problem.


If you open the link (that takes you straight to the new item form) then you do not see add attachments. However if you use the add new item from the list itself then the add attachment section is available




@ManjinderBhohi Any responses from MSFT on this? We are having the same issue. Just started happening within the last 48 hrs. 

@GFlorez I have not heard anything yet. If you find a solution please let me know


Haven't had any responses yet other than the folks here confirming the issue.  I've done a lot more testing and asking around.  There are a minority of people in our tenant that this isn't happening to yet... I told them to keep me in the loop because I suspect it's just a matter of time and gave them the info to go back to the list's "New" button.

I am still looking into the issue and will update if I ever really figure out what the problem is.. but I'm not hopeful that I'll find anything.  Likely as mysteriously as it started it'll mysteriously start working again.

Thank you for confirming... Even tho I can't find a solution, it's good to know it wasn't something I caused but something that is hitting many other people.

Update, this is working now for me.

" Likely as mysteriously as it started it'll mysteriously start working again." - Prophetic words. The problem does seem to be cleared now. :)

Everything looks fixed on my end this morning too.  All the places I check have the attachments link/button back when going directly to the new item form.

It is back 21/6/2022 - for some users , possibly only Guests?

Anyone else getting this behaviour again?

I'm encountering this now. Has there ever been a concrete solution for this?