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is it possible to limit the access rights on specific columns in a SharePoint Lists to specific users of the site? We have a team site that we'd like to open up to an external supplier, but we would like them to modify only certain columns, to read others and to hide others.


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Hi @BENNET1370 

Hi there, to the best of my knowledge it is not possible to set column-level permissions on SharePoint lists. To do this, you would need to use Power Apps to build a form interface for the list. In PowerApps, you could implement your security in the app directly which might be complicated OR you could build a flow in Power Automate to update the column when the form is submitted. Hope this helps!

Thank you @LuiIacobellis for updating me on this :)  

@BENNET1370 You cannot set column-level permissions in SharePoint. SharePoint allows list-level or item-level (record/row-level) permissions only.

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