SharePoint Online list custom content type shows as [ID].000 in path

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Hi All,


I have an issue with the SharePoint online list.

What I did was: 

1. Create a list called Mega Menu

2. Create a custom content type called MegaFolder based on Folder content type (so it can hold child items)

3. Turn on allow management of content types on the list

4. Create MegaFolder item - Collaboration as the title of the custom content type item

5. In the Collaboration folder, create MegaFolder item - Directory 

as the title of the custom content type item

6. In the Directory folder, I can see the breadcrumb (current folder path) is: 

Mega Menu > 7.000 > 23.000, also the folder got renamed to 7.000 as well, screeenshot below: 


7. I was expecting Mega Menu > Collaboration > Directory, but these 7 and 23 are actually the ID of the items created. It will show me what I wanted to see if I refresh the page, but the folder I was in still shows the number 7.000: 



So, my question is why list is picking up the ID instead of title for path/breadcrumb, and it's so weird that it changes after page refresh. Is there a way to rectify this, even using PowerApps custom forms if needed? Thanks.



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This sounds like a genuine bug. You should report it as a bug, which I believe you do via the O365 admin portal.