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I read articles about the new SharePoint framework. Now I like to test is and play with it.

How can I set up a test environment for the new SharePoint framework?




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The new SharePoint Framework isn't generally available yet. So, we all need to be patient :)

best response confirmed by Stefan Kießig (Occasional Contributor)

Hi @Stefan Kießig,


As previous poster mentioned it's not GA (Generally Available) just yet. Once Microsoft releases the bits to the public there will be announcements in the Office/Microsoft blogs and around the community for sure. 


As quoted from the Microsoft Office Blog: 

Q. When will the SharePoint development framework be available to customers?

A. Starting in the third quarter of 2016, we’ll begin to deploy the SharePoint Framework to our First Release customers.

(Read more: 


In that post @Bill Baer is also commenting on the threads about availability in the comments section.


As for test environments and playing with the bits; This will be possible only after Microsoft announces the bits to the public, for which there is no (communicated) definite timeframe as far as I know. 


Hope this helps. 

Tobias :)

After listening to the interview with Jeff Teper, it's probably around Ignite. Which isn't really a surprise.
We are in the middle of third Quarter of 2016. Shall we know when will be available for customers. we are eager to develop client web parts.




Today Microsoft announced (10 minutes ago) that the SharePoint Framework preview is released. Read more about that here:


You can now get your hands on the bits from GitHub, here:


I hope this helps :)