Network service account sptimerv4 gets added as a primary site collection admin

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I'm using TenantExtensions.CreateSiteCollection Method to create site collections in SharePoint Online and the site collections are getting created as expected but when it comes to adding Primary Site Owner to the site, at times system is not taking SiteOwnerLogin value which we pass through SiteEntity object to CreateSiteCollection method. Instead, sptimerv4 account (i:0#.w|nt_service\sptimerv4) is added as a Primary site collection administrator. Not sure how sptimerv4 account gets added a Primary Site Collection Administrator even though the site creation job in a .Net farm where no such special account exists. Any idea?

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@yuvaraj2020 I got the same result today when I created a site from the SharePoint admin center. When creating the site I put myself as an admin, but when it was created the sptimerv4 account was set as the primary admin.