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I'm trying to get familiar with the SharePoint framework and particularly with extensions.  My target platform is SharePoint 2019 on-premise.  Following the example from this link:  my modern team page gets launched but the test message dialog box does not display.  I do get the allow debug scripts dialog box and I select Load Debug scripts, but I never see the test message.  I've tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox but the same results.  I've checked my url and it appears to be correct per the link.  Any thoughts about why I can see the test message dialog box?

This is my url


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Let us know which version of yeoman generator are you using to create the extension. Also, please check the Id of the component and the value of the custom actions in the above url. Both should be same. Also let us know whether you are receiving any error in the browser console.

@Sudharsan K   Thanks for following up and responding so quickly.  A colleague of mine directed me to these 2 links:


The Dialog.alert function does not fire.  If you replace it with just the javascript alert it works


//Dialog.alert(`Hello from ${strings.Title}:\n\n${message}`);

alert(`Hello from ${strings.Title}:\n\n${message}`);


The dialog methods come from "@microsoft/sp-dialog",  using version 1.4.1 since I'm targeting SharePoint 2019.