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Hello! We manage apartment communities for 80 different owners.  We have created a landing page for each client that lists their properties, from where they click to obtain financials, budgets etc.  

We have created a new login for each client, which we will give to them, which only has permissions to their respective landing page and properties.

My challenge that I need help with is providing a single link that all clients can click on, but its result will be that each client only sees their page.

I think I could create a page with all 80 client's page shortcuts/links, but not sure how to not make it look silly or how to set that up.

Thank you for any help!

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You need to create a 80 different sites in SharePoint and add each individual email at the site level.

Then share the site URL with them.

Hope this resolves your issue.



@CapstoneBoone a couple of approaches:


With a List - user will need to click the link:

- Use a List to store the home page for each user and their username.

- Create a view to filter by "[Me]"

- Create a landing page (for all users) with a List webpart using the filtered view (they will only see their link)


Second option is to use Javascript to do something like this


@Alireza RahimifaridThank you very much for you feedback Alireza!   My goal is to put a single link on our public webpage, which we simply call "Client Dashboards" so that all 80 clients can click on the same link, and then have the page they hit be either their respective landing page or a page where all 80 links are, within a sharepoint page, but where they only see their link.

@SteveKnutsonHello Steve!  Thank you for your response.  I will work on this approach.