Relinking All Infopath Forms in Library after Migrating to SPONLINE

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We recently completed migrating one of our site to Online, which consist of several form library with over 10k records utilizing Infopath forms.  After completion, i tried to open those documents, found out that it's still pointing to old site URL, and only opens with desktop infopath tool. 


Troubleshooting that i have done so far: 


1)Updated Data connection to a new Site URL.

2) Made sure that open with browser feature is enabled at library setting .

3) Tired adding new record, edit it and didn't have any issues with a new record.

4) Tried running Repair.ASPX ( RELINK feature) within Form library and were able to relink 3k out of 7 k records. and have doing it for over 10 times now. 

5) and now i am trying to relink every single records. And dont think its worth investing that time for relinking 7 k records individually. 


any help will be highly appreciated.






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