Build a departmental forward plan in SharePoint online

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I’m looking for an online departmental forward plan like this:

forward plan.png


The specifications are:

  • Months appear horizontally
  • Scroll back and forward to previous years
  • Up to 10 entries visible
  • Colour codable
  • Clickable for more details
  • Some items may go across two or more months
  • Editable from a list
  • We don’t need day or week functionality, just months

I've built something similar in SharePoint 2013 using a workflow to create an html table from a list, but that didn't include the option of going across two or more months. I could figure out how to do that in SharePoint online I guess, but was wondering if anyone knows of a:

  • product that does this off the shelf
  • better way of approaching this

Thank you for reading and for any suggestions.

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Good Morning NCCAdm,

I was looking at your tool, and have also been trying to attempt something similar as well. I've found I have gained a fair bit of control by building something like this, freehand, in Visio. I've been experimenting with a technique called 'Expanded Timelines'. Do a quick find for 'Expanded Timelines' on this page and see if it helps to trigger any brainstorming ideas. Hope this helps!

Kris Smith
SPO SME In Training



Hi Kris

Thank you for the suggestion - I will take a look.