Showing json data in column more user friendly

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Using plumsail to enter some data and then update a sharepoint list item.

On the plumsail form im using a data table and copy the data to a column in sharepoint. Is there a way to format the sharepoint column to show the data more user friendly? below is an example from plumsail and entry in sharepoint.


Plumsail data table entry



column in sharepoint


Basically the end result in sharepoint will look something like this.



much appreciated thanks



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I would recommend to split Orders and Order items as 2 different lists and set Order number as a lookup column. As you add more data, having 2 lists makes more sense and also easy to maintain.




If you have SPFX knowledge then you can user  SPFX Extension - Field Customizer for column rendering part where you can control rendering of the column value.


Reference Link:

Hope it will helpful to you

@meyer1981I would recommed either experimenting with JSON (there are good examples and code at or use Power Apps as I did below. It uses 4 lists from SharePoint.




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