After submitting InfoPath 2013 form some users are being redirected to root site

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The system:

O365 - SharePoint Online

InfoPath 2013 (form)

SharePoint Designer 2013 (workflows sending emails)

Test user is using Windows 10 with Edge and Chrome.

The problem:

Some users are getting Access Denied messages after submitting a form into a form library. The form is successfully submitted.

After many hours on the phone to MS we discovered that the browser is redirecting the users to the tenants root site for some reason. As the user doesn't have access to the tenants root site they get an Access Denied message. Our global admin discovered that the test user had limited access to this root site. This sounds correct as we don't want them to access the root site. But why is it directing the user to the root site after submitting the form? 

What should happen:

A message saying "The form has been closed" or something along those lines.

Essential Details:

This redirection only happens when the user is sent an email from the system and the user clicks on the Encoded Absolute Url provided within the email. If the user then opens the same form, makes an amendment and submits again the error doesn't happen.

Have recreated the issue with test account using Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome.

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