Cannot add sharepoint 2016 app to my site collection

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Hi all,


I uploaded my Sharepoint hosted add-in (based on VS2017 sharepoint-hosted add-in template) to my AppCatalog in Sharepoint 2016.


Adding the app to a developer site collection is no problem, but when I try to add the app to a non-developer site collection (Site Content > Add an app > From Your Organization), the app is not visible ("there is nothing here yet") on _layouts/15/addanapp.aspx


I already checked the permissions: my user that want to add the app is site collection administrator on both site collections (appstore + the site collection where my app will be added)


Any idea why my Sharepoint 2016 app is not visible on page 'addanapp.aspx' while the app is deployed in the AppCatalog. 

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Can you confirm your environment is configure to Add-Ins deployment (I guess so, but just to confirm)?



Problem was solved by following a Pluralsight course ( and creating a new web application and configuring the appcatalog again (including DNS config)


thx for reply !