Secure Score Dropped including the last 6 months

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I have registered a customer Secure Score for at least 6 months. Suddenly the score dropped from about 92% to 84% and checking the history looks like we never met the score above 90% but we have evidence of it including weekly meetings registering the score with a close follow up. I need that Microsoft explain how the score has dropped if we don't have regressed points, and don't matter if regressed since the history has been changed for the past months and we can't recover more than 6 months. I understand that daily we have new Items allocated to secure score, but how is that possible that it changes without history register? I need this explanation since I can't see any possible reason instead Microsoft Bug at Secure Score tool.

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A few reasons on why that could happen:


1. New compliance items got added in the list. Microsoft will introduce new items every now and then. Check: Do you have a historical record of the clients compliance score these past few months?


2. The Automated scans that runs detected a change in the client organisation. Automated scans will look for items such as if MFA is enabled, etc. Check: Was there was any change in the Automated scans score.


3. Your Client enabled premium compliance items.

@Aldi888 We're also experiencing this as an MSP in the last few weeks Secore score has dropped from being in the 70s to below 30 on 5 tenants, we cross-referenced the recommendations that we remediate for our customers every month and there's no obvious reason. We've logged a ticket with Microsoft

Hi @blacksibekzn , I am experiencing this issue as well for a client, did you have any luck with your support ticket to determine why the history changed ?