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Introducing Multi-region and Multi-VNets for Managed Virtual Network in Microsoft Purview
Published Jan 25 2024 10:30 AM 2,504 Views

Managed Virtual Network (VNet) in Microsoft Purview enables the scenario when your Microsoft Purview and/or data systems restrict network access, you can run the scan on the Managed VNet Integration Runtime (IR) – a fully managed service by Purview – to securely connect to them via private endpoints.


We are excited to announce a new feature enabling multi-region and mult-Vnet support for Managed VNets.


The new feature provides the ability to:

  • Create (max 5 Managed VNets) across different regions within a single Purview Account
  • Network isolation within their own organizations to address potential data residency or scan performance concerns


How do I use the new feature?

  1. Open the Microsoft Purview portal by:
    1. Browsing directly to and selecting your Microsoft Purview account.
    2. Opening the Azure portal, searching for and selecting the Microsoft Purview account. Selecting the the Microsoft Purview governance portal button.
  2. From Integration runtimes page, select + New icon, to create a new runtime. Select Azure and then select Continue.
  3. In the set up window, enter a name for the Managed VNet IR, select the region and enter a name for the Managed Virtual Network that you want to create in that region.


    Step 1Step 1

Step 2Step 2


Step 3Step 3

  1. The managed endpoint will be auto-created and you will need to go to Azure portal and approve that.
  2. You can view the list of Managed VNet IRs and their Managed virtual Network names under Integration Runtimes
  3. The private endpoints are automatically created, and you can view them under Management->Manage private endpoints. Similarly, when a Managed VNet IR is deleted, the associated private end point, Managed VNet IR and Managed VNet will be deleted.

Additional Resources:

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Learn about Managed VNet: Managed Virtual Network and managed private endpoints | Microsoft Learn

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