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Microsoft Purview now supports Availability Zones
Published Jan 26 2024 09:00 AM 3,184 Views

Microsoft purview for governance experiences has enabled partial support for availability zones in certain regions and services. The availability zone support would continue to expand to accommodate more regions and services.


What are Availability Zones?

Availability Zones provide redundancy for Azure services, enabling tolerance to failures caused by software and hardware issues or natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and fires. Each availability zone in Azure has its own power, cooling, and networking infrastructure, and consists of one or more datacenters. A high-performance network with less than 2ms of round-trip latency connects the availability zones. This helps keep your data in sync and available even when there are problems. If one zone is impacted, the other two zones can support uninterrupted delivery of regional services, capacity, and high availability. All regions that support this high-availability offering have at least three separate availability zones to ensure resiliency1.


How are customers enabled for Availability Zones?

All Microsoft Purview customers in these regions will automatically benefit from more adaptable availability capabilities for the applicable governance solutions and gain additional resilience without any action required on their part.


Be sure to check Microsoft Purview reliability documentation Reliability in Microsoft Purview for governance experiences | Microsoft Learn for a full list of regions and services that are availability zone enabled.



What are Azure regions and availability zones? | Microsoft Learn

Reliability in Microsoft Purview for governance experiences | Microsoft Learn

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