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Please update the tags/labels in the Entra portal to include the Entra names, all of the Azure AD tags are soon to be obsolete.
Hey Dean! Great feedback, we are rolling the name change out to Tech Community very slowly.
It would be helpful to be able to tag new posts with the new product names
Hey Dean, do you have any examples of product names that aren't on our site yet?
There is just one thing listed for Microsoft Entra, and shows that there are actually many Entra products, a tag for each would make sense to me.
the same comment applies to Purview, there are many products in that family, and there should be a tag for each, see for the complete list
Thank you for the great feedback Dean! As far as I'm aware, those product teams have chosen not to add these granular tags and have instead opted for the all-up 'Microsoft Entra' and 'Microsoft Purview' tags for simplicity on Tech Community. I will pass along though to see if there's been any change of heart.

@Trevor_Rusher when we ask questions they are typically about specific products so being able to choose a product tag is much more useful than a tag for a marketing suite. This is even more useful when trying to refine search results