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Please update the tags/labels in the Entra portal to include the Entra names, all of the Azure AD tags are soon to be obsolete.
Hey Dean! Great feedback, we are rolling the name change out to Tech Community very slowly.
It would be helpful to be able to tag new posts with the new product names
Hey Dean, do you have any examples of product names that aren't on our site yet?
There is just one thing listed for Microsoft Entra, and shows that there are actually many Entra products, a tag for each would make sense to me.
the same comment applies to Purview, there are many products in that family, and there should be a tag for each, see for the complete list
Thank you for the great feedback Dean! As far as I'm aware, those product teams have chosen not to add these granular tags and have instead opted for the all-up 'Microsoft Entra' and 'Microsoft Purview' tags for simplicity on Tech Community. I will pass along though to see if there's been any change of heart.

@Trevor_Rusher when we ask questions they are typically about specific products so being able to choose a product tag is much more useful than a tag for a marketing suite. This is even more useful when trying to refine search results 

Hello Trevor please update the documentation for Defender for Endpoint new configuration options like for example : Configuration/EnableDnsSinkhole
The description given is this : This setting enables the DNS Sinkhole feature for Network Protection, respecting the value of EnableNetworkProtection for block vs audit, does nothing in inspect mode.
We know the setting enabled or disabled the feature . The feature description of this and all other new configuration options is what we need to be able to enable it on our customer's endpoints/servers.
Another example : Configuration/DisableTlsParsing
This setting disables TLS Parsing for Network Protection.

Hi Ildrosos, this is a survey pertaining to Tech Community specifically, but I will pass along your thoughts to the MDE team.


We need to work on updating Outlooks recovery automated system. The problem is its to strait forward. When sometimes the outlook customs sometimes their recovery is not always Straight forward. I will give an example (what if the Outlook customers accounts have been put into a temporary block like if he or she had two accounts blocked, then they must go the identity form to start the process to prove its their accounts. But what happens when they prove to Microsoft that yes, they are the owner of the two accounts, but here is the glitch in are automated system. What happens if he/she two account’s is their recovery accounts. Also, he/she used a skype phone number for their recovery to he/she accounts but its in recovery mode he/she has no way to get back all the accounts.) So, in conclusion we must find a way to address this problem. I also noticed that Microsoft is losing touch to their clients. Look for yourselves, go on google try to find a phone number to reach someone from Microsoft. You are going to find that Microsoft has become dependent on automated systems that are full of glitches customers become so stressed out. First we need to setup a team to look over all are automated systems, update them then look in a way we can give are customers the opportunity to decide for them self if they want to use the automated system or speak to a customer service representative I am ready to give my time to update and reprogram the systems  Thank you

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