Converting an exist Content Search to an ediscovery search in the new Security and Compliance Module

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Any idea if there is a way on how to convert/include an existing Content search in the Ediscovery Case Search.

There was some guidance on how to convert the existing content search to an Ediscovery workflow in EXO

However since MS is moving to the new Security and Compliance Module is there an updated guidance on how one would use an existing content search to be included in the ediscovery case instead of recreating the search.

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You should be able to do it via PowerShell. Here's an example script that can be used to create a duplicate of a search:


Now, the searches contained in eDiscovery cases are accessed via the same cmdlet (Get-ComplianceSearch), but you need to specify the -Case parameter:


Get-CComplianceSearch -Case test


So adjsut that in the script, and also include a "remove search" action if you want.

Thanks Vasil,

I was able to clone an existing Compliance Search, however how do i associate the cloned search with a new compliance case.


When creating an new compliance case i dont see any options to associate / use an existing compliance search.. Would this be possible via the use of powershell.??



Well, I meant this as an example that you need to adapt. You can specify a Case for new compliance search via the -Case parameter:


New-ComplianceSearch "blabla" -Case "blahblah"