Secure score portal, organisation name change = wrong results

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maybe someone else has noticed this one too. We have a SharePoint Online Teamsite with the organisation name in the URL as of when O365 was set up. Now we had to change the organisation name. Sure, I did not expect that site to be renamed, but apparently Secure Score is set up to use the new organisation name to check up for compliance. Hence it uses the new organisation name to

- wrongly create links to improve security

- not credit for "more secure" settings in our existing SPO environment

Is this something I can fix, or do I have to refer to O365 support?



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Adding @Brandon Koeller, he should be able to answer.

I am really surprised no one else using SecureScore has renamed their company name and faced the same issue.

By the way, our score is still wrong and all the links to Launch or Fix SharePoint related stuff (including OneDrive, etc) point to the new organisation name, whereas URLs are still using the old name.



We have the same issue...