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First published on MSDN on Oct 31, 2006

Welcome to my Microsoft Office Project Support blog!  The aim of this blog is to post some useful information, particularly about the latest release - Project Server 2007 .  Why on MSDN?  Well, this release really takes Project more into the realms of a development platform and I am sure many of my posts will deal with the Project Server Interface (PSI) a set of Web Services that allow you to do many of the things you can do with Project Professional, most of the things you can do through Project Web Access - and a few things you can't do through either!  Plus it doesn't really matter where I am - as many of you will be reading this in some other form - either though Outlook's new capabilities with RSS Feeds or Internet Explorer 7 - or perhaps even a non-Microsoft news reader.

I am not going to be able to address specific answers to posted comments - the public newsgroups or our other support channels may be better for these, but for one line answers, or pointers to Knowledge Base articles I will try my best to give these.  The real aim is to help with some of the known issues and guidance on some of the new features that will hopefully save you a support call.  With any new release there are some new features that take a little understanding - and even occasionally some bugs that we didn't quite get fixed.  I will be helping you understand how we intend the new stuff to work - so that you know when it is working as we intended but perhaps not as you might have liked it.

I will be adding links to some of the other great sources of information on Project and keeping my focus on support.  Please let me have comments on any topics you feel need some coverage - and above all I hope you enjoy working with this great new release!

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