Project 2013 and Project Server 2013 Service Pack 1
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 25, 2014

*** Update 4/22 SP1 re-release

Stefan's blog has the full download links for SP1

And patch again to avoid the lost resources issue - unless you also load April CU.


*** Update 4/3/2014 - as a precaution both the SharePoint and Project Server SP1 downloads have been temporarily made unavailable - more information when I have it.  The KB articles have been updated with:

We have recently uncovered an issue with this Service Pack 1 package that may prevent customers who have Service Pack 1 from deploying future public or cumulative updates. As a precautionary measure, we have deactivated the download page until a new package is published.***

Today sees the launch of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Project 2013, Project Server 2013 as well as the rest of the Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 families.

*** Update 2/26 I should also mention that unlike previous SharePoint and Project Server Service Packs - there  is no roll-up - the Project doesn't include SharePoint and the SharePoint doesn't include Project - if you want both you need to install both.  Thanks for the reminder Laksh! ***

*** Update 3/4/2014 - The slipstreamed installations are announced - - this means you can install on Windows Server 2013 R2.  Before this slipstream version the pre-requisite installer would fail configuring IIS ***

The following links are probably the ones you are interested in most:

  • Project 2013 (client)

  • Project Server 2013


  • With SP1 the database version will get updated to 15.0.4569.1000 (I will double check this, as I already had SP1 from a pre-release, and the actual release didn’t update beyond this… You mileage may vary, but only in the final digit I suspect, if at all)

  • NOTE: If you updated a stored procedure according to KB 2933444 the ‘Lost resources’ issue - then you should check that the updated stored procedure is still in place or re-apply the change. (I think you will need to re-apply, but as I already had SP1 I cannot tell) And if you didn’t – perhaps you should now!

  • SharePoint 2013

Also there is a full list of what is in SP1 which can be downloaded in Excel format from here .  basically SP1 is a roll-up of all Cumulative and Public updates up to and including the December 2013 CU and the January 2014 PU, as well as some other stability, performance and security improvements.

The blog from the Office Sustained Engineering team has all the information at

Project Online and Project Pro for Office 365 users do not need to worry about SP1 – you are automatically kept up to date.

Thanks to all the engineering teams, as well as the customers, partners and MVPs who were involved in Beta testing of this release!

Errors I saw when trying to control the version of the client at15.0.4569.1504:

02/25/2014 15:38:27.58    Microsoft.Office.Project.Server (0x3338)    0x1E04    Project Server    Active Cache Load    3oh1    Medium    Error is: ActiveCacheUnsupportedProjectProfessionalVersion. Details: ActiveCacheUnsupportedProjectProfessionalVersion Attributes:  15.0.4569.1000  . Standard Information:  Project:163a4fe7-6f9e-e311-9408-00155d745a04 Project:75cdd7db-1b68-4b70-a8d6-2fe52da83acd    6cd9779c-fc06-2036-19ca-0b08b1721dff

02/25/2014 15:38:27.58    Microsoft.Office.Project.Server (0x3338)    0x1E04    Project Server    Project Calculation Service (M)    ai2no    Unexpected    PWA:, ServiceApp:Project Server Service Application, User:i:0#.w|redmond\brismith, PSI: CalcServiceManager can't read PreReadProject2 for projectGuid 75cdd7db-1b68-4b70-a8d6-2fe52da83acd. Project:163a4fe7-6f9e-e311-9408-00155d745a04 Project:75cdd7db-1b68-4b70-a8d6-2fe52da83acd    6cd9779c-fc06-2036-19ca-0b08b1721dff

02/25/2014 15:38:27.59    Microsoft.Office.Project.Server (0x3338)    0x1E04    Project Server    Project Calculation Service (M)    ai2mv    Exception    CalcServiceManager : Processing Error while opening project guid: 163a4fe7-6f9e-e311-9408-00155d745a04 Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.PcsEngine.PcsManagerException: CalcServiceManager : ReadProjectData : CalcServiceManager can't read PreReadProject2     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.CalcServiceManager.ReadProjectData(IPlatformContext siteContext, WinProj winprojActiveCache, Guid ProjectGuid, Guid sessionGuid, UInt32 flags, Int32 lcid, String versionStamp, Boolean fNonCoreData, Boolean fEglobal, Boolean keepWriteLock, Byte[]& coreData, Byte[]& noncoreData, PSError psError)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.CalcServiceManager.LoadProjectData(IPlatformContext siteContext, Guid projectGuid, WinProj winprojActiveCache, Guid globalGuid, Int32 lcid, IPCSPipe pipe, Guid sessionGuid, String oldVersion, String globalOldVersion, Boolean keepWriteLock, PSError psError)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.CalcServiceManager.OpenProjectRemappedProject(CalcServiceCallState callState, Guid realProjectGuid, Guid remappedProjectGuid, EngineSessionState& sessionState, EngineSessionType sessionType, PSError& psError) StackTrace:  at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Native.dll: (sig=6ea170d1-988e-4153-9f1d-0305c0ea0309|2|, offset=3C1E) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Native.dll: (offset=1255D)    6cd9779c-fc06-2036-19ca-0b08b1721dff
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