Is this expected Flow Behaviour?


Hi Folks,

Random question - I set up a simple Flow test to fire an email if any item in a SP Online list changed.


It works when that happens, but also seems to be running every few minutes and saying its failed - i kind of hoped it would only run on an actual change, and not try to run every few minutes and so fail - I'm just thinking the error log is going to balloon out needlessly as a result?


So wondering if this is expected or just as its in preview?



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I have the same with a flow that I created which puts tweets from a specific source in an Excel file on OneDrive. It works as it should but appears to be running on a time based schedule instead of running when something actually happens (triggered). I suppose this is still to be considered as 'work in progress'...


Have you check the status in the "successesAndFailures"? Please check it , you came to know where it goes wrong.


For example

2016-08-13 17_58_52-Manage - Microsoft Flow.png


Check the Flow is in "ON" status.


2016-08-13 18_15_02-Manage - Microsoft Flow.png

In Addition, MS Flow is at very early stages and there are a lot of areas of improvements. Hope someone from the MS Team can advice us how to troubleshoot issues with Flows.



Hi folks, are you still facing these issues? Could you please direct your questions to the Flow customer forums? We have engineers monitoring the forums on a daily basis, so we can respond to you faster.

@Merwan Hade when are we supposed to use this Community Space and when should we use the PowerApps forum? why are there 2 places? this is going to get very confusing, can they be consolidated?

I agree