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Hi Everbody, 


I'am trying to start a flow for an selected item in a SharePoint list. I saw a picture an blog where you could start your flow from the flow button in the list ribbon. Is that released or still in developing or do i missunterstood there something?


I saw that there is a trigger in flow for sharepoint 'on selected item' how is that working when I can't run my flow directly from the selected item?

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Back in march Flow integration started rolling out to First Release customers. Rollout is not complete yet and the feature is still in development. So it might very well be the functionality isn't available to you yet.

For more information see conversations below

Thanks Paul that was the post I saw. 


but how is the trigger for SharePoint "on selected item" working? i can't start the flow on selected item throug the list.



Ah I think I know what you mean... I've just created a Flow using the Flow management site using the  SharePoint "For a selected item" trigger but after saving the Flow I noticed the Flow didn't appear in my List or Item menus.


Then I created a Flow from within SharePoint itself using the Create Flow command from within the list. Immediately after I created the Flow this way I did see the Flow appear by its name in the command bar of my list (under "Flow") as well as on the item menu for list items (under "Flow" as well).


Haven't worked a lot with Flow yet so I'm not sure I forgot something. Could also be a bug...

Hi - did you ever work this out as I too cannot see how to make this appear in the list menu!