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I have a Data Table that pulls columns from my DataSouce. I want the user to be able to pull data by Quarter and Year using 2 dropdowns. For example, if the user wanted to see all the data for Quarter 3 of 2018, they would dropdown to Q3 and 2018. I am able to sort by using just one dropdown, is there a way to sort using 2 dropdowns? Thanks for any help!

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Hi Tim


Do you want to sort your data or filter your data using those 2 dropdowns?


If you'd like to filter your data based on year and quarter, you can add another logical_test at the end of the filter (I made up the Column name and dropdown control name, you can change it):

(Filter('[dbo].[wynne_incidents]', Yearadd.Selected.Result = year, Quarterdd.Selected.Result = quarter), "incident_num", Ascending)

@Tim Hunter 


This would seem to be a great place to embed a power bi tile. Just something to consider.