SharePoint Customised Forms and External Users

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We currently have a few forms which were developed as web forms using InfoPath. As PowerApps is seen as the successor to InfoPath we have come across another issue. For external users in our organisation, we create accounts with SharePoint P1 license so that they can access the relevant SharePoint site(s) and if they need to fill in forms created in InfoPath then there is no issue with licensing as they are rendered in the browser. 


We just tried to replace one of the InfoPath forms to PowerApps and now our external users cannot use the form as they do not have a license for PowerApps. 


So how do we migrate our legacy forms?


Any ideas?



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Until Microsoft provides support for External users in PowerApps, you will not be able to use them with external users
Well they did state that they have created accounts using SharePoint Online plans. It's a valid concern that PowerApps basic plan should be included so they can consume the forms via SharePoint since it's InfoPath's replacement. You might also want to go ask this on the official PowerApps forum, since many more folks there may already know the answer to this:

@Dhiran Gajjar 

I suggest you check out Formotus, which allows you to convert your existing InfoPath forms to run as Windows modern apps on your Windows 10 computers, as well as on iOS and Android. You can also create attractive mobile forms using the Formotus built-in creator tool.

With Formotus you can choose which SharePoint account users submit with, so you don't need to worry about external users submitting data to your SharePoint.

Members of the Formotus team have previously worked on the InfoPath product at Microsoft, so we have built a true replacement of InfoPath...