Powerapps Form opening from middle in Sharepoint list

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I have a Powerapps customized SharePoint Form. On testing the form in Powerapps by hitting the play button, it  seems to be working fine. However, when clicking on New in SharePoint list, it opens up from the middle. It has the default settings mainly with Portait - Large layout.


Has anyone experienced the same? How can it be fixed?


Thank you.

Bhavpreet Bains

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Same issue here. I can't seem to find any setting in PowerApps for form load field/control focus.


I'd expect to be able to change how a form opening from SharePoint would behave.

Hi @Bhavpreet Bains,

Do you have a combo box somewhere in the middle of the form? There is a bug in PowerApps forms for SharePoint causing behaviour like this. The issue was also discussed on the PowerApps community.




The fix is being deployed this week.