PowerApp - IPhone - Flow (talks to SP list and ERP)

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Enjoyed learning more about Flow @ Ignite. I’m long time not technical but wanted to throw out a scenario to see what technologies could come together for us. 


We have :- 


Many many iPhone users and very tech adverse - they need simple apps big buttons and no complexity 


We need and app to allow simple input of 3 onto 5 fields including a free text field for comments.


Other drops downs need to pull from our Dynamics365 ERP - e.g. list of retail stores and address 


IPhone users create, save and possibly come back and edit a record that we thought could be saved to a SP List. 


Power App - after creating or editing one of these rows in SharePoint Online - sends an email to their manager - which is derived from Active Directory 


Last one - can the PowerApp then talk to the HR ERP via REST API ? We want the final saved row created by the iPhone user recorded against their HR profile In ERP (that system us called DAYFORCE - Ceridian) 


............ The only reason I thought of FLOW was because you could push the app out to the iPhone field staff via MDM then just add buttons for processes to the app. Seemed like a possible use of FLOW and SHAREPOINT or do I need to get a custom app built in Zammarin ? 







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If you want to add offline capabilities I think PowerApps is the way to go.

I would suggest looking into building a custom connector for interaction with the HR-system. The connector you can use for both PowerApps and Flow.