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Hello Everyone, I am new in Power Automate and I have a requirement that using power automate I have to show the file from my sharepoint to D365 subgrid/form.

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Hi @waahi780, the easiest way to show SharePoint files in Dynamics is to integrate your SharePoint site where you want to store files for accounts, leads, opportunities, etc, no Power Automate needed: Configure Dynamics 365 Sales to integrate with SharePoint | Microsoft Learn


If this doesn't solve your issue, you may want to provide more context on the ask.


Hope that helps!

Hi Kelly Edinger, My Requirement is I have created an entity with different fields then I created a custom button using ribbon workbench and when I click it the records of my entity popup to an excel sheet which I uploaded in SharePoint now, I want that excel sheet to be Available in a Tab as an attachment of my D365. all these steps I want to do using power automate.
That is an impressive ask - you may want to take this over to the power users community https://powerusers.microsoft.com/