Power Automate for Consumers (Microsoft 365 Family)

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Hi There, 

I started using Power Automate when it was Flow under my mail@outlook.com account. This is now called Microsoft 365 Family. I have had workflows running for over a year but now I can't edit or create any. Is there anyway to troubleshoot or contact someone for support?


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@Mike Dumka Flow has disappeared from the O365 launcher for me as well.


Does it show your existing flows if you manually go to https://us.flow.microsoft.com/ ? Can you edit / create new ones there when logged into your personal account?


(I just made a new flow under my personal account. It seemed to save correctly, but I haven't fully tested it yet. My profile picture and the "My Account" popup is blank on that site, though...


... okay, but now when I click "Power Automate" in the O365 launcher, it opens with the correct profile picture.)



The strange thing is I can see my flows, but when I click edit, I get the spinning circle and it just hangs ... and hangs and hangs ... same for new flows. 

I opened a ticket with Microsoft, will update here when I know more :)