Localization of flow actions

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Should changing the language of the flow environment also change language of the actions?
When I change my environment to german the Approvals or E-Mail-Approvals action still sends out english messages (for example “Request for your input”). How can I configure the Approvals or E-Mail-Approval-Action so that it sends german messages to the approvers?


Thanks, Jeff

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Cloud anybody from the product team please confirm, if its true that flow actions (Approval or E-Mail-Approval) only send out english messages?


And if yes, is there a timeframe when we can expect localized actions?



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The new approval action, which does the authenticated approval, does not yet support localization because it has some built in content that cannot yet be customized. We do plan on adding support for this soon. 


In the meanwhile, you could instead use a PowerApp to collect approval input from your users. However, this would mean you can’t take advantage of the nice inline experience in Outlook with actionable messages.