Append emailed project ID to a Library document and spreadsheet doc values to a SharePoint List

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I'm building a PowerApp that is connected to a library and a list. I've successfully associated the content in the library and list with a Project ID so that I can display project specific list data along with library attachments based on the ID. My List is a list of projects, each project has a Project ID and the Library has a column that allows those who upload to add the Project ID as well.


  1. I want create a flow to allow someone to submit an email to the corresponding SharePoint email address with an attachment and the Project ID. The ID could be wherever it would be required to then via the flow, automatically append the Project ID to the ID column of the corresponding attachment in the Library. 
  2. For some attachments that are spreadsheets, I'd want to take a further step and grab the contents of the spreadsheet whose fields correspond to some of the fields in the List and in a flow append that those fields to my List in new row(s). However the flow would likely have to key on the file name or something to differentiate it from spreadsheets that don't require upload into the list.

I'm hoping that someone can help me with this?

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