Find Sharepoint tasks in Flow

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Hi, I'm trying to make a Flow that sends an email reminder when a task in Sharepoint has due date. Tried googling it, but most guides use the old SharePoint designer and not the modern view.


I'm trying to figure out how to do this in Flow, but I'm stuck on finding tasks in flow.

I tried Sharepoint - Get items and pointet that to the site, but it only shows a list, not the SharePoint tasks.


Any way to get values from SharePoint tasks in to flow?

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You would probably want to do something like:

  • On a schedule (e.g. once a day, once a week - whatever suits)
  • Get List items - use an odata filter to return items where due date is soon
  • Apply to each
    • Send an email to 'assigned to'
Hello! There is a YouTube Video by laura rogers (iwmentor) in oct 2018 about new Flow actions. Hope that helps. All the best, Eva
Doesn't seem to work. When I put in the site adress in get item I only get a list in list name. This list is just a list, not the task manager. The task does not show up

Your flow would need to look something like this:


This post tells you how to get a task list into flow: 


I created a video for my company which does  a similar thing to what you want so might be helpful. It's at