Dynamic content missing

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Hi all,


I saved my dynamic content. When I left and came back to the flow it is gone. See below.



Can someone help?

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@SK_Tan I've not seen that happen before as far as I can remember, you'll just have to add them back in again.


Los Gallardos
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it doesn't work regardless how many times I added.

and the thing is, the content is there although we can't see it (yes it's kind of like invisible). so if you added 3 times you get to see your 3 same content when email sent out.
I am seeing this as well with the outlook send an email action. Dynamic content disappears but shows up in the email when sent. Same for formulas, which now can't be edited because they are "invisible"..


Same problem since january. :sad:  Have to select "</>" to see the dynamic values.