Convert SharePoint 2010 workflows to MS Flow

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Is there a way where we can convert SharePoint 2010 Designer workflows to MS flow...Can we do it using visio do we have better tools to migrate all the workflows.. i have 20K workflows in 2010.. please suggest..

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@selva raj I haven't been in SharePoint designer for a very long time, but here's what I do know--Microsoft Flow uses JSON for its workflows. From an uninformed point of view, I'm doubtful there is a simple way to convert a Designer workflow to a Flow workflow--I don't remember SharePoint designer having a concept of connections, which is a critical piece of Flow. That said, I'd invite you to take a look at the files Flow provides upon export--if you engineer your Designer workflow files to fit that format, I'd think that's your best bet.

Hello @selva rajWe have tried to find an easier way for one of my projects, but ended up re-designing in MS Flow. I doubt MS will even come up with an automation engine for such conversions as the both of these are architecturally different.


@RobElliott Why bother attacking the background selva_raj laid out? You have no evidence selva doesn't have as many workflows as claimed--SharePoint environments can be massive, and so can be the organizations that use them. And you don't think selva already considered that they'd have to recreate them? Why not ask if someone else had encountered a solution, even when that might seem unlikely? This forum wouldn't exist if everyone knew how to solve their own problems--please keep that in mind when you post.

@Abhijit, agree with your solution if you have one or two yes definitely you can rebuild it using MS Flow, it is not feasible considering 20k workflows which is not easy to rebuild and it take another 2 years... just looking for better solution from Microsoft..
@rob, rebuilding the workflows using MS Flow from scratch is not the feasible solution...looking for alternative solution... we do have an option to import the workflow to Visio and convert that into Flow but still looking for better solutions..
What option do you have to import the workflow into Visio that would convert it to Flow? We have over 850 workflows we need to convert to Flow. I can import the workflows but unable to export them to Flow because they're not BPMN shapes. I have Visio Online Plan 2 any suggestions on how to convert these workflows to Flow would greatly appreciate it.