Approval flow stuck in loop based on modified SharePoint item

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My issue is that I have a flow that starts if an item is created or modified (modified is necessary in this case).  When an item hits the list from a form, an admin must go into the list and update the approver. 


Step 2: I added in a condition saying if Approved is equal to Yes: If yes [nothing]; If no [start approval].  The approval has fields from the list such as: approver email, employee display name, etc. 


Step 3: After the approval, it goes into a condition saying if Response is equal to Approve: If yes [Update item (on list) with "Yes" in Approved column]; If no [nothing].  Also post said message to Teams.

All of this is successful except when someone approves the item, the list is essentially "modified" and then loops back to a new email for an approval task.  My question is, if I have the condition immediately before the approval saying If Approved = Yes, it should no longer run because If yes, do nothing.  I've included screenshots of my flow for easy understanding.


Microsoft Flow 1.png

Microsoft Flow 2.png

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Hi @e_bardun 


If you are using "Yes/No" column in SharePoint, you need to change your condition in the Flow saying if Approved is equal to true.


Hi @e_bardun 


Add Terminate into the Yes condition to kill the flow. I've done something similar for my own where I have some status's that changes throughout the workflow.




Let us know how you go?