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I have been using Planner with my team for over a year now and have also been lobbying Microsoft to add controls to the system to prevent tasks from being deleted without any record of who and when and no way to recover them. To my mind this is the single biggest roadblock to us using Planner for serious project work.

We have heard nothing from MS on the subject and I know we are not alone. Unfortunately we are now likely to switch to Trello which does archive deleted tasks and make them available to return to the plan if deleted by mistake.

Come on Microsoft this must be an easy fix.

Your community needs it...



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Have you posted it here? This is where product feedback normally is sent?



Thanks for the note and Yes I have posted it on the feedback channel a number of times and without a response. I’m conscious not to have too many threads with the same subject to increase the vote count on the ones that are there.

@munassirtk can you please be more specific about which feedback you don't accept?