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One of the limitations with Planner, as I see it, is that any member can delete a task and there is no way to know who did it or when. Also, it is too easy to accidentally delete a task, and there is no way to undelete, no recycle bin. There's no accountability around deletions, and there's no way to recover from it, or even to monitor it. Even if you are assigned to a task, and it gets deleted, you won't be notified by email.


I think it would be helpful if there were at least a recycle bin that could be checked, or some other mechanism to deal with these issues.


These task deletion issues are a significant problem that will limit our ability to get people using Planner at our institution.


I realize there are User Voice forum discussions on this, but I thought I would raise it here as well.


Do other people feel that this is an important issue?




Ken Munro

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Yeap, I can agree those features would be great in Planner

The workaround would be to archive the tasks and restore when needed using third party apps. 

How do you archive a task?


What third party tools are your referring to?


There just seems to be an option to delete, but not archive. 





Microsoft has not offered a way to archive the tasks / plans in Planner. You need to use third party apps such as Apps4.Pro Planner Manager which helps you to export tasks to excel and import in a click to restore those when needed. 


PS: I work for Apps4.Pro Planner :) 




Not being able to designate who can delete a Task or not restricting that ability to the owner 

is, quite frankly, irresponsible and contrary to good management.  I understand the whole "collaboration and empowerment" concepts being touted.  Entire projects can be derailed intentionally or accidentally.  I bet that the vast majority of Planner users don't realize this flaw and if they did  would be as frustrated as I am.  I thought I had found a really good tool to track the multitude of projects and programs.  I put them all in Planner only to find out anyone in the plan can delete any task....poof! Its gone.  Telling users to go to a third party for a fix is shameful.  Fix this Microsoft...it's not an "enhancement".  It's a fatal flaw that needs to be fixed NOW.

Agree 100% , and cannot believe that is there no option to restrict the assigned person from changing or deleting the task , unbelievable

Waiting for such basic feature to start using it

Can Microsoft hear here users voice ? 

Agree me too. Definitely a software of this, shall permit to create a hierarchy, differently have no sense. It is unusable.