Slow Planner adoption due to lack of Task permissions \ security control

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Are others in their organization seeing a reluctance to adopt  Planner due to the lack if security controls for task.  I am seeing customer choose Trello or other collaboration tools because task can't prevent accidental deletion, or unintended change by other team members.   Here is a blurb from a user that feels planner is not ready. 


"Yeah, basically if we’re deploying an enterprise-wide (or even a bureau- or team-wide) solution to take management and project planning, it’s an interruption to our ability to manage staff tasks, plan projects, ensure accountability, etc. when team members can change the tasks and projects of other team members or their supervisor.


When you have a virtual team environment, it’s important for the supervisor to be able to assign tasks to folks and know that only that team member (or any team member who has permissions set by the supervisor) to change a task or project. We need to be able to rely on the information we have in front of us for us to plan the day, week, month; to hold ourselves accountable; and to make sure the work is being completed as needed.


Having permissions would allow us to rely on the information we have without having to second-guess or double-check that a task is in the right place, was completed by the right person, etc."


How are others addressing similar issues,. 

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Very late response here, but it seems this is still the case. I just started working with it today to try and educate my Commercial Sales Manager to use this for managing cold calls. I logged in as another employee and can change the due date or delete the task entirely. I don't want to use another product. Will this ever change?